Award Winning Farm Experiences


Winners of the "BEST OUTDOOR EXPERIENCE" at VisitScotlands' Regional Thistle Awards 2018-19, we at Newton Farm offer affordable, educational, interactive experiences to inspire young and old, sharing our family's farming life with your family. Our authentic, guided farm experiences on a real working Angus farm with farmers Graeme & Louise, and our 2 and 4-legged family is a truly memorable and unique opportunity to find out what daily life is like on a Scottish farm and where your food comes from, throughout the Seasons. Checkout our facebook page for the most recent tours, images and whats happening at Newton Farm.


Our farm experiences last approx. 1-1.5hrs (depending on group size) so
me are only available seasonally and times are subject to change.  ALL experiences must be PRE-BOOKED to ensure the best experience for our visitors.  BOOK ONLINE or message the facebook page (@newtonfarmholidays) for up to date availability/cancellations.

Kid goats

Kid Boer Goats

Farm Tour (any age)
all year but pauses for lambing, daily life on the farm to meet and feed all the animals, whatever the season or weather (includes bottle feeding in March, May, possibly into June) 10.00 or 13.00 when available

Feeding Frenzy (6yrs+)
hands on tour at feeding time on the farm at 16.00 seasonally (subject to change). Includes bottle feeding lambs March/April/May when available

Alpaca Walking (7yrs+) (all year, outwith lambing season and weather dependant) at 13.00 or 14.00 most days, subject to change & 18.30 (by request)

Highland Cow & Alpaca Experience (10yrs+) meet our family of highland cows and enjoy grooming them followed by alpaca meet & feed, 13.00 or 14.00 most days, subject to change

LAMBING EXPERIENCES (during lambing March/April/May) A range of educational lambing experiences with sheep, lambs and kid goats when available, includes lamb/kid bottle feeding when available. Not Suitable for pregnant women

Little Lambers
(2-5yrs) (45mins)
Come and cuddle the spring lambs, make memories and share new life on the farm with your toddler and help bottle feed the lambs. This Toddler lambing special will commence late March/1st April and lasts approximately 3-4 weeks. Each session will include up to 30 minutes with the animals and 15 minutes sheep arts and crafts. As lambs are born extra spaces will be released.
Wed-Fri at 9.30, 10.30, 12.30, 13.30. Extra days may be added

Adult Only Lambing Special (13yrs+) (1hr)
Is it on your bucket list to bottle feed a lamb? An adult only, interactive, accessible, experience to learn all about lambing time on the farm, you may see a lamb being born. Includes bottle feeding, lamb cuddling and photo opportunities.
Mon-Thurs 8-9pm. Extra days may be added

Family Lambing Special (all ages) (1hr)
Come and see the spring lambs and sheep lambing, learn all about lambing on the farm and help bottle feed. The lambing special will commence 1st April and lasts approximately 3-4 weeks. Interactive, accessible, you may see a lamb being born and includes photo opportunities to cuddle a lamb. This experience is suitable for any age. As lambs are born extra spaces may be released.
Daily at 11-12am, other times to follow

Feeding Frenzy and Family Lambing Special Combo (6yrs+) (1.5hrs)
For adults and older children who want lots of interaction during the afternoon feeding time on the farm. Great as an after school activity!   It offers greater interaction with the animals being fed than our farm tour, with less talk and more action. Combined with our family lambing special and includes bottle feeding. It is not suitable for under 6's nor pregnant women.
Daily at 3.30pm during April lambing

During Lambing, to contact us email or message the Facebook page @newtonfarmholidays - the best way to contact us during this time.  More spaces will be released if and when possible. Bottle feeding will continue on our farm tour once lambing ends for May

bottle feeding orphan lamb

Bottle Feeding Orphan Lambs 


OAP, Student & Young Scot Discounts are now available and will be shown at time of booking if applicable

Award Winning Farm Tour (all ages) (wheelchair accessible) (dog friendly) Includes refreshments

  • £15.00 - Adult (13 years+)
  • £ 7.50 - Child (3-12yrs)
  • £ Free - Infants (0-2yrs) but must still be included in 1 adult : 2 child ratio.

LAMBING EXPERIENCES (wheelchair accessible)
- Adult only & Family Lambing Special

  • £12.50 - Adult (13 years+)
  • £ 7.50 - Child (3-12yrs)
  • £ Free - Infants (0-2yrs) but must still be included in booking at 1 adult : 2 child ratio.

- Little Lambers

  • £ Free - One Adult (16yrs+) free per toddler, up to 2 adults per booking
  • £ 7.50 - Child (2-5yrs) ratio 1 adult : 3 toddlers
  • £ 2.50 - Extra Adult (13yrs+), up to one per booking

- Feeding Frenzy & Family Lambing Special Combo

  • £ 15.00 - Adult (13yrs+)
  • £ 10.00 - Child (6-12yrs)
  • not suitable for <6yrs

Alpaca Walking (7yrs+)

  • £20 per adult (13yrs+) with an alpaca and £10 per additional adult (only watching).  1 child (7-12yrs) may accompany an adult with an alpaca for £5.

Highland Cow Experience (10yrs+)

  • £25 per adult (13yrs+)
  • 1 child (10-12yrs) may accompany an adult for the Highland Cow Experience for £10.

Feeding Frenzy (6yrs+)

  • £12.50 - Adult (13 years+)
  • £ 5.00 - Child (6-12yrs), 1 adult : 2 child ratio
  • not suitable for under 6yrs

A farm tour or feeding frenzy may be added to another experience (except lambing special) for £10 per adult, £5 per child.


  • Hot Handwash
  • Toilets including Accessible Toilet + baby changing
  • Mothers Room/First Aid
  • Car and Coach Parking
  • Catering & Refreshments, coming soon as part of the farm experience (we dont have a cafe)
  • Picnic Tables
  • Overshoes on request

Our toilet facilities are part funded by the support of a LEADER grant. The European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development: Europe investing in rural areas. A European funding programme which supports rural community and business projects.



Thistle Awards Regional Winner 2018-19

Image of lambs at bottle feeding time

Bottle Feeding Lambs in Spring


"Every day is a school day" people say and this is certainly true not only for our visitors but also ourselves as you never know what might happen down on the farm.  Our bespoke tour takes approximately 1-1.5 hours and we will tailor it where possible to your individual requests so please let us know of any specific needs you have.  The tour involves hand feeding many of our friendly animals including our cows, sheep, goats, alpacas & Lucy, the micropig. You may be lucky and see a new-born lamb, kid or calf take their very first staggery steps. Bottle feeding the Spring lambs and kids is always a favourite of our visitors. During your guided tour hear our farming families’ story and learn where your food comes from.  Meet Timmy our cherished vintage tractor and get up close with Farmer Graemes' big boys toys.  Our standard farm tour is dog friendly but please do let us know in advance if you are bringing your dog.

So why not visit us and learn where your food comes from whilst making memories to last a lifetime. You can also extend your day by bringing a picnic in warmer weather (or order one from us in advance) as we have plenty picnic tables and take the opportunity to soak up the tranquil, rural landscape or enjoy a walk in the fresh air.


For Travel Trade and bespoke, private tours, birthday parties, playgroups, school visits, youth groups, agricultural groups and anyone who needs any extra information or assistance please contact Louise directly via facebook, email, or phone to discuss your specific requirements.  We aim to be as flexible as we can and to give you an amazing personal experience.  Group visits will not require 1 adult: 2 children ratio



  • All experiences must be prebooked in advance with spaces limited per experience.  We are not an open farm as such but offer specific experiences at specific times tailored around our farm work. Experiences can be combined when available.
  • Our adult to child ratio remains at 1 adult : 2 children (including any infants) for health and safety.
  • Please advise the number of car parking spaces required by answering the related question
  • Pregnant women are NOT to attend any lambing or kidding experience.
  • Some of our experiences are suitable for any age but please check before booking to avoid disappointment. We recommend 6yrs+ for our feeding frenzy, 7yrs+ for the alpaca walking & 10yrs+ for our highland cow experience for health and safety reasons.

Newton Farm Holidays

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