Go Rural Virtual #Lambathon

We were delighted to be featured in the Go Rural #Lambathon.

This virtual event provided a unique unedited live experience of lambing season across 7 Scottish farms .This event was a fantastic opportunity to showcase and support rural businesses whilst brightening the day of those who are staying at home during these difficult times.  We hope you all enjoyed our broadcast, meeting our animals and getting an insight into lambing season at our family farm.

If you missed our live stream or would like to see our adorable animals click here!

The other farms that featured were; Balkello Farm Auchterhouse Dundee, Duncan Family Farm Sterlingshire, Bellvue Farm Arran,  Jacksons at Jedburgh ,Old Leckie Farm Sterlingshire and Ardross Farm Shop Fife 

We would like to thank Go Rural Scotland for creating this unique event!

Most Hospitable B&B Winners – Regional Visit Scotland Thistle Awards


We are delighted to announce that at Visit Scotlands Thistle Awards for the Tayside, Central & Fife region we won! Now officially the Most Hospitable B&B in the area and I can’t tell you how delighted we are about this. Its simply amazing that a wee family business like ours has been picked out. On to the National Finals now next year in March so we are keeping all fingers, toes, hooves, trotters, paws, etc crossed. Book in for a wee break or farm tour and we can welcome you to the farm and meet our hospitable 2 and 4 legged family! You can see and read more at Forfar Dispatch Article

Free Wifi in the cottage

So excited to announce that after a 4 month wait, BT have finally managed to install broadband into our cottage so our guests can stay connected (if they choose) with FREE wifi. Of course if you want to escape whilst you are here relaxing on holiday I can switch it off too! Just ask. This does mean that we have free wifi now in all our accommodation at Newton Farm Holidays.

O2 & 4G Mobile Signal at the farm

It has come to our attention that our mobile reception has improved dramatically around the farm and most notably inside the farmhouse. We always thought the thick stone walls were the main cause of poor mobile reception but out of the blue I now have a good signal in and out of the house. Certainly I cannot confirm for all networks but we are on O2 and before I could hardly ever get a signal and only rarely received texts. That’s all in the past now though, and whats even more significant is the sudden appearance of 4G too! Previously we hardly had 3G so all in all it makes life for me so much easier and for guests staying in touch with home and business or for planning their days out its brilliant!

10 Years Anniversary

Can’t believe it! We have been offering bed & breakfast in our farmhouse for 10 years today! You may wonder how we started too and really it was all by accident and my parents fault! My Mum and Dad ran their own successful B&B in Forfar at Atholl Cottage. This weekend in July is an amazing one. Not only is it my twins birthday, its also the Glamis Extravaganza weekend. This is organised by the Strathmore Vintage Vehicle Club and brings together from all over the UK vintage vehicle enthusiasts so you can imagine how busy the area is. 10 years ago my parents received a panicked phone call from a couple who were booked into another B&B in the town which had closed and not let the couple know. Of course there was nothing available for them to stay and my Mum always trying to help said, “maybe my daughter could help out at her farm.” There you go, that was me on the way with our B&B. Thankfully we had a few days notice though to get ready as what was our spare room at the time was actually a storage room so I needed to gut this and set it up as a bed room with 2 toddlers running around causing mayhem too.

Now 10 years on we are going from strength to strength and love having our guests return year on year. This weekend still is our busiest of the year though so definitely worth booking early!


Newton Farm Holidays

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