10 Years Anniversary

Can’t believe it! We have been offering bed & breakfast in our farmhouse for 10 years today! You may wonder how we started too and really it was all by accident and my parents fault! My Mum and Dad ran their own successful B&B in Forfar at Atholl Cottage. This weekend in July is an amazing one. Not only is it my twins birthday, its also the Glamis Extravaganza weekend. This is organised by the Strathmore Vintage Vehicle Club and brings together from all over the UK vintage vehicle enthusiasts so you can imagine how busy the area is. 10 years ago my parents received a panicked phone call from a couple who were booked into another B&B in the town which had closed and not let the couple know. Of course there was nothing available for them to stay and my Mum always trying to help said, “maybe my daughter could help out at her farm.” There you go, that was me on the way with our B&B. Thankfully we had a few days notice though to get ready as what was our spare room at the time was actually a storage room so I needed to gut this and set it up as a bed room with 2 toddlers running around causing mayhem too.

Now 10 years on we are going from strength to strength and love having our guests return year on year. This weekend still is our busiest of the year though so definitely worth booking early!

Newton Farm Holidays